Saturday, October 18, 2008

Time for a little reorganization

I have a bad habit. I apparently stock pile canned goods because I make my shopping list for my recipes, and many times fail to check the pantry before shopping. That's how I ended up with about 10 different cans of diced tomatoes.

So today I decided to not only clean my pantry but to actually inventory it. I reorganized everything and made a log of what was in there. In theory, we'll mark everything off as we use it and I can just refer to the list versus digging through or buying too many things. I did the same with my spice cabinet and am really happy with the results.

Tonight's dinner is going to be basil chicken using the yummy, fragrant fresh basil from our AeroGarden, one of my favorite wedding gifts. If you gave us a Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card, chances are it was used on this.