Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The final cake product

I have been meaning to post these since Monday night, but I was tired that night. And then Tuesday just got away from me.

I totally forgot to take my final picture before I started cutting it.

A few weeks ago I posted that Fran at Brian's office was my new favorite person. In perhaps is one of the biggest compliments I've had in a long time, she asked Brian if I wanted to make a cake for an upcoming retirement party - for 75 people! I am still thinking that it's beyond my capabilities at this time, but regardless - it's exceptionally flattering. And it satisfies one of the main reasons I do this - to make other people happy and give them a little slice of sweet enjoyment.


Heather said...

*gasps* No roses?!



Mrs.Babbsy said...

heather I was thinking the same thing. I have to make 5 roses for mine.