Sunday, October 19, 2008

This week's class - cupcakes

This week we have to bring cupcakes and a variety of icings. I use my Sundays to prep and also experiment with whatever I make that we don't need for class (in this case, about 10 cupcakes).

Mmmmm....icing. Of course, after licking the bowls, I can see how peoplke who work in bakeries said they don't even like the taste of it anymore.

All of the cupcakes have chocolate cream filling. At first I used my instructor's advice to use one of my tips to fill them, but I realized they weren't putting much filling in there. So instead I cut a small circle in the top, holding the knife at about 45 degrees.

It left a cone-shaped hole, which I filled with the chocolate cream.

Then I pulled the tip off the piece I cut out making it more flat, and put it back on the cupcake. Kind of like they used to do at Subway before they just sliced the bread in half.

Then I iced over them. As you'll see below, there was no trace of the fudge on top so it'll be a nice surprise when people bite into them. After getting them separated into the cupcakes I need for class and the ones I didn't, I made up a batch of orange icing and experimented with my star tip.

Then I got to work making the icing I need for class. As I was making one batch, I could hear Sally Field in Steel Magnolias saying "It had gray icing. I don't even know how you make gray icing." Well - I know that answer. You add black coloring.

I need some black icing for class tomorrow, and I added a lot of that coloring stuff and still only have a dark gray. But I called it quits because I can darken it in class but I couldn't lighten it.

Check back on Tuesday for the results of my class decorating.